Monday, May 3, 2010

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choose your colour.

Your love color is Black :

Black : Competitive and sportive. Don't like losing and always cheerful! You are trustworthy, and very out going. You choose love carefully and don't fall in love easily. But once you find the right one, you don't let go for a long long time.

love color is Aqua :
Aqua : Your feelings change suddenly and easily. You are always lonley, and like travelling. You are truthful, but listen and believe other people too easily. It's hard to find love for you, and get lost in love easily.Sometimes you also get hurt by love.

Your love color is Purple :
Purple : You are mysterious, never selfish and get interested in things easily. Your day can be sad or happy depending on your mood. You are popular between friends but you can act stupid at times, and forget things easily. You go for people who are trustworthy.

Your love color is White :
White : You dream and have goals in your life. You get jealous easily and you don't react to things easily. You are different and sometimes thought of highly by others.

Your love color is Blue :
Blue : You have low self-esteem and are very picky. You are artistic and like to fall in love, but you let your love pass by, by loving with your mind, not your heart.

Your love color is Red :
Red : You are the cute and lovable type. You are picky but always in love.and likes being loved. Fresh and cheerful, but can be moody at times. Capable with people, nice, soft and they can love you for the way you are. Likes people who are easy to talk to and can make you feel comfortable.

Your love color is Pink :
Pink : You are always trying your best in everything, and like to help and care for other people. But you are not easily satisfied. You have negative thoughts, and you look for the sort of romantic love only found in fairytales.

Your love color is Orange :
Orange : You are responsible for your own actions, and you know how to treat people.You always have goals you look towards, and are competitive. When it comes to friendships, you find it hard to trust someone, but once you find the right friend, you trust them for ever.

Your love color is Yellow :
Yellow : You are sweet and innocent. Trusted by many people, and have a strong leadership role in relationships. You make good decisions and make the right choices at the right time. You dream of a romantic relationship.

Your love color is Brown :
Brown : You are active and sportive. It's hard for other people to get close to you, but you fall in love easily. But once you find out you can't get something, you
give up and let go easily as well.

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