Sunday, December 5, 2010


3 words will change everything.

I - is to be urself
Love -is something that everyone will feel toward someone.The precious feel that God gave to us.
U -is for somebody that u will wish this 3 words.


Somehow these word can also make people happy,and also make people cry.
Why?it simply becoz of a person that wish it to u.
How he / she say those word to u will make the feelings in a different ways.

To be in love is a simple thing. To be loved is not easy .But to be in love with ur loved one is one of the happiest moment in life.

so tell ur loved one that u love him / her as much as u want coz with words will make someone smile!

P/s : i love you MOHD NIZAR !
mish u a lot!

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