Saturday, February 12, 2011

My heart

His voice was wonderful.
Her smile was beautiful.
His name always in my heart.
Her name too.
His the one who love me.
Im the one who love him.
she is the most cheerful friend i ever met.
im the only one who smile when she is mad.becouse nobody knows deep in her heart
she has a soft heart .
Feeing an empty heart without nobody around you is like living in a box..alone.
But now i have him..
i have her..
Choose to be happy is the best way of making our life to be great.
It is better than u choose to be on a rainy day all the time.
The sun was bright as we were smile at each other.
And we were laughing and have fun together.
i wish that the day will always like this forever.. so that i won't lost both of
them and our relationship will always remain forever.


i always love both of u...always by ur side..always in my heart..always forever.

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