Friday, March 25, 2011

im Letting You Go..

im walking on a street and im letting you go..
i cry along my walk to let you know..
i don't mind what happen to me as long as u go..
Far from me so that i won't let my tears fall below..
It's hard for me to share
what are my feelings..
It's hard to give a hope for someone u not know.
I saw a place for my legs to have a rest.
I sat on it and let my eyes flow to other site..
waiting for a sigh..

Just for a while.
I don't think i can go along with ..
not now..
maybe it takes a few days,maybe weeks..or months or ever years..
to find someone that can take ur place in my heart.
I guess IT'S HARD ISN'T IT.?

tRueLy YES.

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