Thursday, January 26, 2012

Tik Tok Tooe

i suppose..
it will be the day that i waited for..
but then i realise..
it was nothing..
just an empty day without nothing to boil.

i never though i was so exited..until i kn ow..that i don't have to so excited..
like what am i excited about??

it feels like i was walking alone in a rainy day..i my cloth already wet..
and i was looking towards infront me..but i didn't go for it.
i just like ..what in the hell am i doing here.

this is not me..not even who i am.

i don't cry for such a thing..
what will happen if i were u..

i don't think this is a better idea.
you see...
not everything in this world we can have it.
sometimes...we don't even deserve to have it.
look at ourself..
who are we??
where did we come from.?

remember ur birth place??

shhh......don't talk loud..
say something that pass trough ur mind..


If you can't talk,write!
if not...sign-language..or draw!
or any non-verbal thing you know.

p/s : just be urself..and don't give it in ur life..becoz there's a reason 'something happen..'\


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