Saturday, March 24, 2012

Into the wild?

what am i think about??

I thought that it would be nice if i had my adventured life in a while.
and today dapat tgk cerita mengenai life..'
oh yes..seyesly i like that story ..

it's about a life..

about cris who had everything..but doesn't like the way he lives.
so he take an oppurtunity to get an escape after his graduation.

he went into wild...

dr city ke hutan,,,sampai ke alaska..memang life is tough..

cite yangmengisahkan dia survive kat sana macam mana dia wat esearh and tulis journal..

terasa freedom dia..

tapi ending sedey..

becoz he died after eating some sort of mushroom or something like that laa...

yang ada poison..

kesian gila..tragis nya...

itu saja...

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